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Quran Teaching Center gives you the best and most comprehensive online classes for Quran memorization Online in a unique way.

What makes us unique is our highly qualified and experienced Teachers, making learning easy and exciting.

Why Choose Us To Memorize Quran Online?

  • Experienced Mentors for Quran Memorization Online:
  • All of our teachers are dedicated and experienced with fluency in the Quran. Their ability to bring the best outcomes and imply innovative techniques to memorize the Quran is remarkable.
  • Not only this, all of them are highly qualified, having exceptional and fresh techniques for Hifz students.
  • They are second to none in this field with the passion of providing the best of their knowledge to the students.
  • The outcomes they have provided in the past years make them experienced in Hifz Al-Quran.
  • They have been practising the Quran regularly since they finished Hifz at a very young age. That is a motivation for all the students enrolled in the course.
  • They have memorized the Quran and have Ijazah from highly prestigious Islamic institutes in the World.
  • Their selection into this platform is precise, given many stages to pass before appointment as a teacher.
  • Quran Teaching Center’s teachers are all experts in Tajweed, Qurani Translation, Arabic, and Makharij. Their knowledge is vast, which helps students discover more about Islam.
  • All of our teachers are fluent in English to overcome the language barrier for students all across the World.
  • Moreover, students will be able to read daily supplications. Each letter represents a new sound. Hence, we call PHONETICS the study of sounds. Our best teachers surely make students familiar with phonemes. There are always rules to learn Quran. The Foundation course is full of learning basic tajweed rules.

Course Structure

Comprehensive Methodology For Quran Memorization:

Making Quran Memorization easy and enjoyable for all the students is our primary goal. We have made many all-inclusive Quran Memorizing schedules as per student ease of learning.

With that, we have introduced multiple levels of memorizing the Quran so that one would not feel overburdened and learn at its pace.

Our courses have durations from 10 months to 37 months for the Quran Memorization. Learn best at your pace!

Quran Memorization At Your Ease:

24/7 accessible courses are what you need to do better at memorizing the Quran. We provide all-day tutor services for the students to learn the Quran in their own time.

Except for the Arab countries, we are also accessible to all the passionate people worldwide for memorizing the Quran.

Different students in different time zones cannot take classes at a particular time. So we consider that and have a 24l7 plan for their feasibility.

Quran Memorization Online Trial Classes For Your Convenience:

Still not sure about taking the course? Why don’t you take our trial classes for free? Yes! You can get enrolled in two trial classes from two distinct Quran teachers only at Quran Teaching Center.

That will help you choose the best teacher and assist in understanding the Quran better. Besides, we would be happy to see you back after trials.

Encouraging Environment For Quran Memorization:

To bring out the best from our students, our Hifz teachers always try to motivate and encourage students regarding their Hifz goals.

Memorizing the Quran is a long process that could bore students if not done the right way. Pushing the students and showing them a positive outlook helps them learn the Quran.

Online Quran Memorization Analysis through tests and Quizzes:

Hifz students are assessed through multiple ways to check their Quran fluency.
Different tests and quizzes are held to evaluate learning progress to assess the student’s learning capacities.

They are provided with different ayahs from their memorized part of the Quran, which they have to complete.That helps our students to remain engaged and attentive by rehearsing to practice their lessons appropriately with precision.

Weekly Report Card For Better Results:

Assessing the student is one of the chief techniques in learning.

We ensured that all the students were being appropriately assessed and that the teacher must check the portion of the Quran they learned in the week.We provide a weekly revision of all the learned portions of the Quran, and with our approach, students will never forget these. Insha’Allah.

At our best Quran Teaching Center, we assure in providing an evaluation check for parents as they should be aware of the progress.

Certificates And Awards for Students Online:

To boost up students’ confidence and praise them, we are always ready to reward them. Students scoring highest in the tests and quizzes were also presented with gifts.To keep the students’ morale high, we also give them cash prizes and other awards.

Toward the end of this course, every one of the regular hifz students is provided with Quran memorization certificates. They could subsequently utilize these certificates if they wish to apply as hifz mentors.

Experience the Quran Memorization Online With One-On-One focus:

We understand that some students need special attention as they would not focus on the whole class. For that purpose, we are ready to guide them one-on-one.To keep up with the student’s pace of learning, our hifz teacher pays full attention to the student individually. This way, the students can produce far-reaching results.

Moreover, it helps elevate a student’s passion in asking his queries and getting a good knowledge of things.This technique also improves the learning outcomes as it filters out all the distractions of joint class.

Our Approach For Quran Memorization Is Unique:

To learn the Quran effectively and preserve it forever, we have launched many innovative techniques. We enforce three basic rules of Quran Memorization online.

  • Memorize the Quran by listening to the lesson in a loud voice which the reciter does.
  • Recite all the lessons learned in the past week or months. This strategy is an old revision technique.
  • New revision seeks the recalling of lessons in the past few days.

These three rules make the memorization process efficient if the student practices these rules heartily.

Innovational Approach For better Outcomes:

We always aim for creative and goal-driven strategies for our Online Quran Memorization Courses. We organized our systems with the help and guidance of our certified Hifz teachers. With these techniques, we can produce excellent outcomes for our courses.

Become Perfect In Recitation

Following the Tajweed rules might be difficult for non-Arabs, and they struggle with it in most parts of the course. So, we have planned a technique for them to be fluent with their tajweed recitation first and then start memorizing the Quran with perfect tajweed.

Different Learning Techniques for Better Outcomes

There should not be a single strategy for all the students for better results, and our institute has understood the assignment.

We have provided multiple learning techniques for all the students having different approaches.

Rote-learning: In this technique, the student can learn from a teacher.
Audio Learning: Using this technique, students can learn with the audio provided.
Video-Learning: If anyone wants to learn by looking at it and placing a finger, they can go for video learning.

Target Tracker keeps You in Check

By setting the goals for their daily work, students can quickly memorize the Quran. It also creates a sense of discipline and goal-achieving strategy among students.

Not only that, this technique helps assess the tie required for Quran Memorization.

Information About Verses And Their Meanings

Knowing what you are memorizing makes it way more interesting.

So, with that, we have introduced the meanings of verses and the time of their revelation. Not only does it help with the history of Islam, but it also tends to keep an interest in the Quran verses.

Our Highly qualified Hifz Quran teachers helped us with this strategy.

Learn Quran With Your Pal

The feature of learning the Quran with your friends or listening to their lessons will help you study better. Also, you can read your lesson to your pal for comprehensive learning.

They prove this strategy is good for the students in recognizing and correcting their mistakes in Online Quran classes.

Reading Lessons In Salah

One of our Online Quran Hifz Classes rules is to imply what you have learned.

By this, we meant, try to read all the learned surahs in your daily Salah and be fluent in them.

Lessons revision will make your Hifz perfect with time and make your tajweed most acceptable in minimum time.

Learning support with Audio/Video Lessons

Learning becomes 10x better with visual and auditory help, and we took advantage of it.

Our learning strategies include videos and audio for the students as they can make their Quran memorization perfect by listening to them repeatedly.

Mark Your Goal And Memorize Quran

Always start your lessons by marking a goal for yourself. Goal-making will keep you motivated about the set target. You can make targets for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly lessons.

Well, for easy memorization of the Quran, comfortably and encouragingly, enrol in our Hifz lessons today!

Budget-Friendly Quran Memorization Online Courses For All:

If the budget is the problem, you should not worry about it. Our extensive Quran Memorization Courses Online will not be heavy in your pockets!

All the courses provided by our institute are pocket friendly. We also offer multiple discounts to every member of the family enrolled in our classes.

Not only for the different students from the same family, but we also provide discount packages for the whole family enrolled in the lessons.

To see the budget-friendly offers we have for you, pay a visit to our price listing.

Exceptional Results Of Our Quran Memorization Online Courses:

Our courses are built to provide you with the best learning outcomes. Our Hifz teaching staff are diligent in delivering their best for the students. After the period, the student will be able to;

  • Imply all the techniques he has learned in online Quran memorization classes.
  • The student will be able to recite the Quran by regular practice and following the lessons of Qaris.
  • Will be able to recite anywhere from the Quran.
  • They can also teach other people around them about Quran memorization.
  • Capable of putting into use all the regulations learned from the Quran classes.
  • Don’t forget all the Surahs learned by effective Quran Memorization Strategies.
  • It has enhanced the capabilities of Quran memorization by implying different Hifz techniques.
  • He will be completing the goal of Quran memorization Online and being a Hafiz.
  • Comprehend the meaning of the Quran the student has memorized.
  • He will recite whenever he is asked to repeat the Ayahs of the Quran.
  • Have calmness in his personality after the online Quran Memorization Course.
  • Apply all the rules learned about Tajweed while reciting the Quran.


Learning the Quran should be accessible and easy for all Muslims in the World. Quran Teaching Center strives to provide the best of knowledge through our Ijazah-Certifed Teachers and unique strategies for our students. Our mission is to provide the best to our students and make them exceptional Huffaz to play their role in society.

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