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Finding the best tutor for comprehensive Quran Hifz can be more stressful. We understand this! For this, Quran teaching Center has the best hifz tutors filtered for you.

Out of all the Quran tutors available, our Quran Hifz tutors are the best in many ways. We have selected the highly qualified and competent to benefit all the students enrolled in the courses.

Why Our Teachers Are The Most Suitable For Your Online Hifz Courses?

Our teachers have remarkable qualities that make them the best in the Online Hifz world. To know how our teachers provide you with the best outcomes, lets us show you the qualities we have in our online hifz tutors.

Highly Qualified and Certified Teachers

Good education help tutors to better comprehend the subject better.

While selecting the tutors for you, the Quran teaching Center’s primary focus is highly educated tutors with comprehensive study techniques.

Our teachers are all certified from top-notch institutes and are highly qualified in the hifz Quran, Tajweed, Islamic knowledge, and makharij.

All of our staff have command over the Quran with fluency in the recitation of the Quran. Since they have finished their hifz in their childhood, they are also good role models for students who are willing for Hifz Quran Courses.

Male/Female Tutors According To Your Comfortability.

We care about your comfort zone!

For the utmost comfort, while learning, we have provided the choice of male and female tutors for Hifz Quran. All teachers have excellent knowledge and command of the Quran, whether male or female.

All the female teachers are also certified from prestigious institutes and have worked as tutors for many years. By this, we have made hifz easy and accessible to every Muslim worldwide.

Besides, for the convenience of our students, Quran teaching Center has strictly provided courses featuring our female tutors. Gender-specific will prevent the student from being in an awkward position of asking questions.

We have specific criteria for selecting all the tutors on our platform, and we do it by;

  • Shortlisting of the candidates that applied to our institute.
  • Let the candidate pass several tests and levels before interviews.
  • Only the best candidates are called for an interview which our supervisor conducts.
  • The finest of all the candidates are chosen to teach you.

Our Best Online Hifz teachers Understand What’s Good For You.

We are here to choose the best for you!

When we say that, we mean it. Our hifz tutors are the best online hifz tutors available for memorizing the Quran. These tutors are available for you and answer each query you have for them.

With their comprehensive knowledge, they have made learning the Quran easy for all age groups. All of the staff is well-mannered, polite, and qualified; as a result, they understand the requirements and focus a student need to memorize the Quran.

Not sure about this? Why don’t you take our trial classes for free?

All-day services by the Best online Hifz teachers.

Most people hesitate in taking Hifz courses online due to its restricted schedule. We ensured that every individual could access the system whenever and wherever they wanted.

Not only the courses are available 24/7, but our tutors are also ready to help you all day long. You can learn with our hifz tutor at your time.

These facilities make the Quran teaching Center having one of the best hifz Quran tutors in the world. The 24/7 services include;

  • Asking queries to yout tutor.
  • Access the courses and recorded audio/videos anytime.
  • Leave your queries for the tutor to get answered.
  • Understand and memorize at your own time.
  • No hustle for compulsory classes.

Customized Classes according To Your Preference.

Difficult to get along with the course we have provided for you? No worries!

Our platform gives you the command to make a personalized course for you. We let you design your classes schedule and study plans per day so that you won’t be out of your comfort zone.

This strategy has provided very satisfying results as people find it to memorize the Quran at their own pace without any peer pressure.

Our motto is to provide you with the best opportunities while learning Quran feasibly and enjoyably.

Encouraging Conditions By Best online Hifz Teachers.

Are you finding yourself exhausted while learning Quran without any courses or tutors? Well, it is tough to do it alone.

Here at our platform, we have made an encouraging environment for the students, which helps in boosting the morale and helps them do better by peer motivation.

Our commendable tutors all achieved this ambiance, who have learned multiple techniques to help the students keep their morale high and motivated. They do it by many methods;

  • Solving the problems of students with a positive outlook.
  • Quoting the stories from their hifz time and pushing them that anyone can do it.
  • Narrate to their exciting stories and incidents.
  • Tell them about the rewards of the Quran Hifz.

Best Online Hifz Teachers Holding Competitions Between Students.

The online competitions held by the hifz tutors have made many students do better at the Quran hifz.

The awards and recognition one gets in these competitions enhance the confidence and motivation of students. Our Hifz tutors online have adopted multiple strategies for these kids to be better at Quran Hifz.

Quizzes and Test:

Quizzes and tests are the best way to assess the students learning ability and pace. Through these monthly competitions, we can understand the student’s weak areas. This assessment has helped us to change our approach towards them.

Assignments related to Quran hifz.

Assignments given by our best online Hifz teachers have helped students discover more about the subject and increase their intellectual abilities. Furthermore, it has helped them gain more knowledge about a particular topic.

Presentations related to Online Quran Hifz.

Our best online Hifz teachers understand the need for presentations from students. Displays will improve the students’ delivering abilities and help them research a specific topic.

Awards and prizes.

The students who have performed extraordinarily in all the above strategies will be awarded prizes and gifts to be an excellent example for all the other students.

Well-planned Quran Learning Strategies.

Our online hifz tutors make exceptional study plans for students, keeping in mind their learning abilities. They have created many basic programs for students of all ages and learning capabilities.

If you face any difficulty in the course plan or cannot pace up with that, ask your tutor to make a personalized study plan for you.

Our tutors are only focused on what is best for you at your convenience. They are always ready to serve you to the best of their knowledge.

Engaging Sessions In Class For Better Learning.

Our staff tutors play a significant role in engaging the students with themselves during the life lessons. These techniques help the student stay focused during the studies.

Our online hifz tutors can interact in multiple ways to make the Quran memorization enjoyable for all the students.

  • By asking random questions from the students, we can engage them.
  • Stopping in the middle of the sentence for the students to finish.
  • The narration of an exciting story that has lessons in it.
  • Study breaks so that they can be fresh.
  • Maintain a friendly environment in the class.

Unique strategies To Engage Students During Class

Our tutors are experts in delivering enjoyable yet helpful lectures to the students. They are using the latest technologies as a medium to convey the lesson and have better learning results.

They have improvised many different techniques that help students improve study management. They have produced result-driven practices that significantly affect the outcomes of Quran hifz.

class engagement can best define as these strategies;

  • Drawing and color matching.
  • Audio and video learning strategies.
  • Storytelling with moral values

Exceptional Arab Tutors For Great Grip On Tajweed

The recitation of the Quran can only be perfected by proper Tajweed.

We not only focus on the Quran memorization but also on the Tajweed of the Quran.
We have tutors that are experts in Hifz, tajweed, Islamic studies, and makhrij. All of them, along with Hifz, makes a good grip of student on tajweed.

Every student is encouraged in learning the correct tajweed of the Quran, making them good at the recitation. Tajweed is also helpful for the students if they wish to become Qari in their life.
Choosing the best online hifz teachers for your child should be your utmost responsibility. Only, A good tutor can make memorizing the Quran an enjoyable task. Our tutors proved to be the best hifz tutors online with fluency In Quran and the ability to bring out the best in the students.
Quran teaching Center would love to teach you/your child on our platform with exceptional tutors.

Moreover, students will be able to read daily supplications. Each letter represents a new sound. Hence, we call PHONETICS the study of sounds. Our best teachers surely make students familiar with phonemes. There are always rules to learn Quran. The Foundation course is full of learning basic tajweed rules.

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