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Online HIFZ Quran For Kids and Adults

Hifz Quran for adults should be accessible to all age groups, and we have a solution for this. Quran Teaching Center has also introduced Hifz Quran Courses for adults who are enthusiastic about memorizing Quran.

Whether you’re an Arab native or belong to a non-Arabian country, Hifz Al-Quran is now feasible for you too.

At the beginning of our lessons, we provide light doses; light work till one maintains one’s brain very healthy. Once the brain becomes addictive, we increase the time and study planning smoothly. Surely, one may start HIFZ from the age of 8 to 60 and above

Online Quran Memorization

Why Our Platform Should Be Your Preference?

Our unique and excellent approach to the Hifz Quran for adults courses makes us stand tall among all the available online platforms. We offer a variety of advantages for the adults learning at our platform. 

Exceptional Quran Hifz Teachers For Outstanding Output

Like in all other courses, we have highly qualified and scholarly Hifz Quran teachers who are fluent in the Quran and have a firm grip over Islamic Knowledge and values. 

Tough Selection Process of Hifz Quran Teacher

All of our staff tutors have gained their respective positions in our institute by clearing multiple stages of selection. 

The selection criteria help us choose the best out of all candidates. 

Certified And Authentic Tutors

The tutors are all Ijazah-Certified, and they got their certificates from highly prestigious institutes of Islamic Studies. They are the best in the 

So we do not compromise on the Quality of knowledge we provide you!

Diverse Experience Of Tutors

All the teachers in the hifz Quran course for adults have several years of experience in teaching these courses. They have memorized Quran to hundreds of people around the globe. 

Learn from the best on our platform. 

The language barrier is not a problem!

Cannot speak Arabic?

Do not worry!

All the staff is fluent in Arabic and English to communicate better with the enrolled students in the Hifz Quran for adults course. 

Better communication yields better results!

Perfect Tutors For You!

Our teaching staff is well-mannered and always ready to give guidance and support when needed. 

They are available 24/7 to help you understand and memorize the Quran. 

Well-Managed Hifz Plans For Hifz Quran For AdultsCourses

We have made learning accessible and easy for all the adults enrolled in our Hifz Quran Courses. With various Hifz plans, we have ensured that everyone will be taught according to their pace of learning the Quran. 

Our plans also vary on the portion of the Quran you want to learn. Adults who only want to memorize a few surahs will follow a different method than those who want to remember the whole Quran. Convenient Enough? 

The duration of our courses varies from 10 to 37 months for the whole Quran at different speeds. Choose the best plan for yourself!

Customized Classes For One-on-One Hifz Quran For Adults

Not everyone can focus better in all group classes, and we have solved the problem. We have personalized one-on-one courses for people who want better focus and attention from the tutor. 

Adults who are shy in asking questions and confused about the task can quickly answer their queries by an online private tutor.

Personalization of class based on your best interest can help you understand the Quran easily and comfortably.  

Feel free to demand exceptional for your Online Quran Hifz. 

Weekly progress Reports For Better Progression

It’s always better to look at the progress so that you realize how far you have come. We provide you with your weekly reports of your Hifz Quran for adults courses, and we help you assess it further. 

After providing you with the reports, we also have a one-on-one discussion related to the progress where we rule out the mistakes for the whole learning experience.

These reports also help us keep records of your progress and help us work according to your speed with a better focus on mistakes. 

Highly Motivated Ambience Hifz Quran For Adults Course

What you are learning is affected dramatically by the environment. We assure you that we have created a highly motivated space for all groups to memorize the Quran. 

Our tutors in Quran Teaching Center help us build a motivated and encouraging environment for the adults to do better in the Hifz Quran courses. We provide these by;

  • Appreciating the progress of the Hifz Quran
  • Awarding when a specific goal is reached
  • Quoting brilliant examples, and;
  • We are boosting the morale of the enrolled adults. 

Feasible Timings For All The Adults Enrolled

Unable to attend a class at a particular time because of a busy schedule or different time zone? No worries! 

We are overcoming the difficulties adults face while Learning Quran due to their demanding and busy schedules. We kept that in mind while designing this course for you. Here, we created a space for you to access the platform and learn Quran at any time. 

Our tutors and courses are 24/7 available at your service. We are delighted to share the Quran learning without any hurdles.

So, get enrolled in our courses at Quran Teaching Center today and discover the fantastic 24/7 features we have for you.  

Awards And Certificates From Best Quran Hifz School

Awards and Certificates are motivating at any point in life, and we used this strategy to yield the positive outcomes of Hifz Quan for adults. 

  • Every student scoring high or learning better than others is encouraged and motivated by announcing their capabilities to the whole class. This strategy helped us in inspiring other students and keeping their morale high. 
  • Awards have helped us maintain a competitive environment in the class, which has led many students to become good at Quran Hifz. 
  • At the end of the course, every student who has completed the Hifz is provided with certificates which they can use further if they wish to be a tutor of Quran Hifz. 

Frequent Competitions For Exciting Endeavors

To make the Quran memorization an exciting and memorable journey for the adults, we arrange competitions for all the students enrolled in the course. 

These courses help to evaluate and assess the student’s learning capacities and make them aware of the progress of the Online Quran Hifz course. 

After small competitions that are held monthly, we move into the final round where the best Quran Huffaz take part and excels in it. 

Separate classes For Ladies With Female Tutors

Your comfortability is our primary goal! Our gender-specific Quran learning has made it easier for Muslim Women to learn and memorize it. 

Many females wished to learn Quran, but they could not because of the unavailability of female teachers. Out Best Quran Hifz Course has provided the opportunity for women to learn Quran and memorize it without any hustles. 

Both men and women have equal opportunities of Quran Hifz on our platform. 

Highly-affordable Fees For the Hifz Quran Course For Adults

Fees should never be a hurdle while memorizing Quran. So, we ensure you that our packages are affordable and light in your pockets. 

Searching the web will let you know that only we are providing top-quality Quran Hifz with such low fees. We made sure that you get the best even at low prices. 

We have focused on the Quran Hifz course to make it feasible and affordable for all the Muslim ummah around the globe. 

Better Learning Experience By Interaction Of Groups

Interaction with the other embers of your class, asking them how they are doing the Quran Hifz, and sharing your knowledge has significant effects on the Quran Hifz outcomes.

Discussions in groups yield to the more good exposure of the knowledge and help adults create a positive peer environment for learning Quran. 

We make groups based on several factors like age, lessons, or even members of the same family. 

These groups will help in several outlooks;

  • Groups can give rise to creativity. 
  • Interaction is helpful in social behaviours. 
  • You gain knowledge by taking part in a group discussion. 
  • You can get friends having the same motto of memorizing the Quran. 
  • Groups make people enthusiastic and motivated for their plans. 

High-yielding results From Our Hifz Quran Course For Adults

Our designed courses have provided us with many productive results. Our students from the Hifz Quran course will be able to;

  • Recite the Quran with fluency and a proper Arabic accent. 
  • Learn the tajweed and makharij along with the Quran memorization. 
  • It helps to understand the Quran and help others struggling with it. 
  • Recitation of the Quran during salah and make it a habit. 
  • Revise the memorized portion of the Quran in leisure time. 
  • Take part in the monthly competitions held on the platform. 

Trials For Your Satisfaction!

If you doubt our Quran Hifz course, we are ready to give you two trial classes from two tutors. This way, you can experience both our features and see the excellent capabilities of our tutors. 

Trials are free, and these are for your satisfaction. We provide the ultimate learning experience while letting you choose the best for yourself.  

However, we would be delighted to see you take the after-trial classes. 

Choose first and then learn later!

What Hifz Techniques Makes Us A Unique Choice? 

With time, we imply new techniques for the students to gain better results. Such practices have led us to have many different strategies making the Quran hifz easy and comprehensive for all. 

We work by; 

  • Giving Quizlets and tests to the students to establish their interest. 
  • Calls out the students’ names in the class for getting their attention. 
  • Convey our mottos through stories and examples. 
  • Visual learning for better comprehension. 
  • Encourage students in making their notes. 
  • Feedback for further assessment. 


Learning and memorizing the Quran is a significant step, and one should not be shy about it. Let us give your goals a solid form and help you learn at your pace, comfort, flexibility and feasibility. Our rates are highly affordable, and we provide you with the best Quran teachers. So why wait? Enrol now at Quran Teaching Center.

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