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Reading the Quran is the first step of the Quran education, and a kid must have a strong command of it. At our platform, we are making the kids learn Quran from the very basic Noorani Qiada.

Quran Teaching Center helps kids understand the fundamentals of the Quran and make them efficient enough for further memorization of the Quran.

How Do We Provide The Best Quran Classes For Beginners?

For the beginners, we have made comprehensive study methods. These strategies are proved to help grasp the alphabets and tajweed of the Arabic language.

1. Skillful Native Arabic Online Quran Teachers

Our tutors are native Arabic tutors with perfection in tajweed and Arabic accents. Not to forget, all the teachers have fluency in the English language for better understanding and communication with the children.

  • With modern technology, they are providing an excellent experience for the students in the Quran learning courses.
  • The tutors have Ijazah from the most distinguished institutes in the world.
  • Our staff is highly experienced in teaching the Quran to students from all over the world.
  • They have proved their abilities through their massive and positive outcomes.
  • With them, you will not face any language difficulty as they have proficiency in multiple languages, including English and Arabic.
  • They are ready to give their full potential to students and are enthusiastic about teaching young and developing minds.
  • Not only Quran but also teach the students fundamental moral values and discipline.

We have chosen the best teachers for your children. Try us and get amazed by the outcomes.

2. Personalized Plans for Learning The Quran Online For Beginners

After assessing the student’s ability to learn, we provide you with customized plans that help the students learn conveniently.

A student who has zero knowledge about the Arabic language must have a plan that starts from tajweed and makhrij.

After this, we can maximize our efforts on the students’ knowledge to learn.

Well-managed plans are also proved to be helpful in an organized lifestyle, providing all the co-curricular activities, play-time, study time, and more.

3. Encouraging Environment For The Learning Of Quran Online

Quran Teaching Center has created a motivational ambiance in our classes where every individual is appreciated for their hard work and Quran journey.

To keep the morale of the students high, we have planned many competitions and quizzes. Many animations and easy learning techniques have aided us in creating a positive atmosphere.

Students are awarded and appreciated daily for their learning capabilities. One exclusive strategy is that we don’t judge your learning pace.

We understand this and help you overcome all the problems you face on learning the Quran for beginners.

Also, we have let students express themselves and suggested improvements to do better for them.

4. Full-Day Availability Of Tutors And Courses

Our institute has overcome the problem of time restriction and the unavailability of tutors all day long. Our tutors provide you with the services 24/7 and can help you with yout learning Quran for beginners course.

You can access our courses at any part of the day, considering your feasibility. Our systems are designed to better all the students in a comfortable and friendly way.

Our courses are not designed to push the students into any hustle. We help you learn Quran without any pressure and enforcement.

You are learning Quran for beginners course at your own pace!

5. Pocket-Friendly Plans For Your Benefit

Are you afraid that this course might cost you a hundred bucks? Well, you don’t need to!

We have provided you with the best and most economical packages and plans for your Quran Learning for beginners course. We assure you that the methods we provide have massive outcomes and that too pocket-friendly.

By keeping the packages economical, we can serve and explore the best Quran teaching experience online.

We care for your money! So, we have arranged several trial classes to let you decide the best for you.

6. Basic Classes For Beginners

Acknowledging students’ learning pace and previous knowledge, we had launched multiple classes for learning Quran for beginners.

Beginners Level Class:

This class focuses on the Quran from the very beginning. Here we emphasize more on the proper recitation of the Quran.

Intermediate Level Class:

At this class level, our primary goal is teaching the students perfect tajweed for the recitation of the Holy Quran. Students knowing the basis of recitation of the Quran can directly get enrolled in this class.

Expert Level Class:

Students who have mastered their tajweed can move onto the expert level class where they can either Hifz through our hifz course or move onto the memorization of the Quran and get Ijazah certified by experts.


All these class levels are designed to let the student decide if it is better to learn from the beginning or start right away from the expert level. Either way, Quran Teaching Center encourages your passion for learning Quran for beginners. 


7. Free Trials For You To Choose The Best

Free trials are the best way to find the exceptional for you!

All the courses on our platform have free trials available. These trials have helped many students choose the best of themselves and get the Quran learning from our top-notch tutors.

If you do not get the teaching style of one tutor, you can take lasses of another one and decade which tutor you want for your learning Quran online for beginners online course. PERKS? NO?

We are proud to declare that Quran Teaching Center provides the ultimate and best experience for all the enthusiasts of Quran Learning. Most of it has been achieved by the two free trials from two distinct teachers

8. Certificate On Completion Of Quran Learning For Beginners

Most online platforms do not provide any certificate for your course completion. We know that the certificates are helpful if the student wishes to choose this as a career and wants to do better in the Quran Learning.

Quran Teaching Center gives the students a certificate where their conduct during the Learning Quran For Beginners course is mentioned.

These Certificates are also an appreciation strategy for the students who have completed the course and made themselves, their teachers, and parents proud.

Do you also want a certificate in Learning Quran For Beginners course? We can surely help up with that!

9. Innovative Teaching Style For Best Quran Learning

Our tutors are always keen to understand the requirement of applying new and innovative techniques for yielding better outcomes.

We have introduced multiple strategies for bringing positive results from the students enrolled. We reached this goal by making several visually pleasing techniques and proved to be effective in long-term memory.

Our innovative techniques are new and the best in any online Quran learning platform.

  • Animations of the Arabic alphabet to make the learning enjoyable.
  • Audio and video snippets to gain the attention of the students.
  • Storytelling related to different incidents.
  • Moral Inceidetnts for student’s education.
  • Frequent questions to make the students attentive.
  • Call students’ names and ask them what they know about the particular subject.
  • Creating a friendly environment in the class for better interaction.

10. Personalized Tutor Tor Better Outcomes

Some students need more attention than others. We comprehended this course and made a customized plan for the students who want their tutors.

Personalized tutors help establish a friendly and stress-free environment. Students who otherwise hesitate in the class can quickly answer their queries.

This strategy has made it easy for students to focus on their Quran learning and less about what other students are doing or thinking.

On our platform, everyone can get a personal tutor at their request. We encourage you if you are keen to learn in any way you want.

Check out our other courses, which also offer personalized teaching.

11. What Will We Teach You In The Course?

We had selected the best books available concerning the Learning Quran Online Course.

  • Noor Al Bayan
  • Al Qaida Al Noorania

These books’ topics are extensive and provide a diverse knowledge of the Quran.

  • In lesson 1, all the Arabic alphabets have taught.
  • Lesson 2 focuses mainly on the joining rabic letters.
  • Movements like Fatha, Dammah, and Qasrah are studied in Lesson no. 3.
  • Tanween includes Double Fatha, Dammah, and Qasrah in Lesson 4.
  • Lesson 5 main goal is to grip both movements and Tanween.
  • Lesson 6 is all about standing movements.
  • Lesson 7 is how to pronounce prolonged words.
  • Lesson 8 gives knowledge about the Sukoon and Jamz.
  • In lesson 9, the primary focus is tajweed.
  • Lesson 10 includes the usage of merging sounds.
  • In lesson 11, the students practice all the above lessons.

12. Games And Quizzes To Boost Up The Interest

The study gets boring if there is no competition or hype about it.

Here in our Learning Quran for beginners course, we have instilled a lot of strategies to keep students’ morale high, make their results better, reach the goal efficiently, and be perfect at the Quran learning.

There are tests and quizzes to assess the student’s learning pace every week. There are competitions and quizzes between the students where the best students are awarded gifts and prizes.

These gifts also help many students contribute and let them give their best in the tests.

Know You are choosing the right place for your kid to learn Quran.

13. Experts For Better Comprehension

Our experts have made learning Quran for beginners an enjoyable and beautiful experience.

We provide you with tutors having the best knowledge and study plans. Not only that, they and commendable in teaching students comprehensively and efficiently. They have made their Quran Learning For Beginners a memorable experience.

Not only this, our tutors are always available to solve your queries and clear your doubts. Just tell them your problem; they have the solution!


Quran Learning should be error-free and accessible for all enthusiasts. We are here with exciting and thrilling courses for learning Quran for beginners. We made this journey special for you through our highly qualified teachers, innovative strategies, unique outcomes, and a positive environment.

Learn the primary Quran education with us now!

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