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We believe that learning the Arabic language is in your child’s best interests because of the language’s importance in understanding the Quran.


Learning the Quran will assist your child in memorising and reciting the Quran’s verses more accurately.

Learn Quran Studies For Kids

Why Our Online Quran Classes For Kids Are The Best Learning Platform For Kids?

Our strategies and supportive environment help your child perform better in Quranic education classes. Our expert tajweed tutors will help your child improve their tajweed skills.

There are many compelling reasons to choose Quran Teaching Center as the best option for your children.

We have the best Quran tutors online for kids and teens.

Our online Quran tutors love helping students from all over the world learn the Quran online.

Students quickly grasp the rule by using cutting-edge technology tools such as 3D models, graphic PowerPoint slides, and instructional games.

The Quranic Arabic tutors can also teach beginners how to recite the Quran in practise. All of the tactics and strategies used have been thoroughly tested and proven to work.

They got an ijazah for working with Noor Al Bayan and Qaida Noorani while studying at Al Azhar University, the world’s best Islamic university.

We have native Arabic teachers who can provide professional Online Quran lessons to Quran beginners all over the world.

To ensure students learned Arabic and could read the Quran fluently after their studies, they went through several rounds of interviews and selection.

The Quran Teaching Center has certified jihadi, makharij, Arabic, and Quranic translators. They are fully qualified to teach Al-Quran.

They’ve mastered developing and implementing creative techniques for beginners to keep them engaged and motivated.

Work with us to make learning the Quran more fun.
Students will enjoy learning the Quran online for beginners because they can play educational games that help them improve their Quranic knowledge.

These games and puzzles help children learn their letters while having fun.

Our professors use websites like https://www.baamboozle.com/ to encourage students to play educational games in online Quran study for beginners.

For the benefit of the students studying the Quran, the Quran teachers use the website http://alifbaa.net/ to learn the Arabic alphabet and reinforce the courses.
Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed With Classes
We allow you to try out two different teachers for free in order to find the best fit.
Both experienced teachers will help you learn the basics of the Quran online using their own teaching methods.
After the trials, you can choose a professor to continue your Arabic studies and Quran reading.
Our online female Quran tutors for beginners are highly qualified and can be hired for this course.
A flexible teaching style is needed for great learning.
The Mirror Strategy for Learning the Quran
Children should keep a pocket mirror in front of their mouths when pronouncing letters correctly. Using this technique, children can see how words are spoken, including how the tongue is touched and the mouth is opened.
Repeat for Easier Memorization.
Remember that practise makes perfect. So our professors use this strategy to help students succeed in tajweed. To reinforce the lesson, they encourage kids to say it in Salah.
Learn Quran at Your Own Pace
Learning Quran at home with our help won’t take up much time. We can help you learn to recite the Quran at any time of day or night.
Our teachers are available 24/7 in your time zone. Pick a time when you can focus easily.
We have hired many professors who are available at various times during the day. We match you with a teacher who is available 24/7.
This will help students study and stay on track with their Quranic Arabic studies. Activities for Learning Quran
Each class has activities designed to keep the lesson interesting and the retention longer than normal. It helps kids understand the Quran.
The Quran’s fundamentals can be learned by hearing and watching the letters and words spoken in their respective languages.
Interaction with students to maintain focus.
Our interactive introductory lessons tutorials are designed that way. The address becomes more accessible and enjoyable to learn and remember when children participate in interactive sessions rather than being lectured.
Can you tell me about our courses for your child?

Study of the Quran
The student’s current level is determined. The student is then given a personalised plan to follow.

A student who knows the Arabic alphabet well has completed his Tajweed and makharij correctly.

The teacher will then create a personalised plan to help him achieve his goals and finish the remaining Quranic Arabic lessons.

Level 1:

Understanding the Basic Rules of Word Recitation will help you learn the Quran’s Basics.

Completed the following tasks at an appropriate level of difficulty:

Line-by-Line Tajweed and Quran Pronunciation Rules The Quran must be read. A Quranic verse is read aloud.

3e: Expertise

He can either read the Quran cover to cover by hand and then Hifz it, or he can enrol in the Quran Memorization Course and receive Ijazah immediately, depending on his performance in the course.

Reasons to Enroll Your Kids in Online Quran Classes

There are excellent Quran memorising tutors online.

Our Quran memorising tutors are dedicated to helping Muslims all over the world memorise the Quran.

They learned the entire hifz Al-Quran as young children. It encourages them to share their experiences for good results.

The Quran Teaching Center’s native Arab tutors speak English. So they can teach students from all over the world.

To become a Hifz teacher, candidates had to go through a lengthy interview and selection process.

Well-structured Quran memorisation plans include the following elements:

Personalized Quran memorization plans are encouraged so students can maximise their potential while recognising their unique talents.

Various strategies have been developed based on our students’ ideas. Our Quran memorization strategies are tailored to your individual needs, such as memorising Surah Al-Baqarah in 2-5 months.

Our Quran memorising programmes are tailored to your daily memorization rate. It will last between ten and thirty-seven months.

We create a fun environment for online Quran memorising:

Our hifz trainers also know how to create a positive learning environment that makes online Quran memorising fun and easy.

A motivating environment is beneficial for booster children who are bored with their hifz journey. Remember that memorising takes practise and constant renewal of your intention and devotion.

This is our online Quran memorising course’s weekly progress report: a.

We recognise the value of evaluations in our Hifz Al-long-term Quran journey.

In sha Allah, the online Quran memorising course was written so they would never forget what they learned.

Students are regularly evaluated, and any errors are noted. In difficult lessons, the student is not given new verses to memorise.

To Teach Tajweed to Kids
The Al-Skilled Azhar Institute developed this well-organized course. We are committed to providing your children with high-quality online Tajweed programmes that instil a love for tajweed and help them learn the Quran correctly (including pronunciation).

The completion of our Tajweed for Kids course will result in the achievement of several goals. Here are some examples:

Finding the huroof’s articulation points (letters).
The tajweed rules must be followed when writing Arabic letters.
Regularly recite short surahs.
Tajweed is permissible on Quranic verses.
confidently recite in front of teachers and family
Having the ability to communicate with Allah through beautiful verses
to master the art of recitation
Trying to connect with our beloved Prophet SAWW’s recitation style
We use tajweed in duas, azkar, and memorised Quran passages.
Being able to teach others is a skill.

Our Online Quran Classes for Kids are Unique

Well-organized study plans: We will keep you on track, motivated, and focused to achieve your academic goals.
Awards and competitions: We encourage our students to succeed by rewarding them with prizes and competitions. Our team provides monthly feedback and reports.
Fees that are reasonable: We offer reasonable fees to help more Muslims learn. Those who cannot afford private lessons can benefit from our discounted group classes.
Flexible scheduling is available at any time.
You can create your own flexible schedule.
This course has specific objectives. The teachers of this course give their all to ensure that its goals are met from the start. This experiment’s results are as follows:
Learning effective hifz strategies improved memory.
Not to mention surahs remembered using cutting-edge hifz techniques.
The online Hifz Program helped me memorise.
We want to put into practise the rules we learned in online Quran classes.

I improved my voice by regularly imitating Qaris’ style.

We could understand the message of several surahs after memorising them.
He can recite the Quran wherever he is.
Memorization changed one’s personality.
I learned all of the tajweed rules during online Quran hifz classes, and I was able to master them.


Quran memorization for kids requires complete focus and exciting strategies. Quran Teaching Center provides the most experienced and qualified tutors for making kids learning informative and thrilling on this platform. We want nothing but the best for your kid. Enroll your kid today in online Quran classes for kids and see outcomes tomorrow!

Our best teachers conduct online Hifz classes. Surely, the Quran memorizer is one of the incredible creations of Allah on the earth. May Allah bless us and let us lead our life according to the Quran and Sunnah. 

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