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Islamic Studies for Kids and Adults

We understand the essence of Islamic knowledge is now a compulsory subject for all Muslim kids worldwide.

Keeping that in mind, we have introduced our course, which will give a deep insight into Islamic history, Quran, Hadith, and Religion to children’s young and inquiring minds.

Learn Quran Studies For Kids

Expert Teachers Islamic Studies For Kids

  • All of our teaching staff in Quran Teaching Center is highly qualified and is certified by one of the most renowned Islamic Institue in the World. We provide you with nothing but the best!
  • The teachers we choose for the Islamic studies for kids are one of the best, and they have to pass multiple selection processes before getting hired at our Quran Teaching Center. After that, they all are interviewed by our supervisors to filter out the best candidate for your services.
  • We have all kinds of teachers for Islamic studies of kids. Even the Arab teachers are fluent in English to provide your child with the best experience of learning without any language barriers.
  • Each one of the teachers is an expert in Islamic knowledge with methods that are fresh and easy to understand for young minds.
  • With time, the strategies they apply in teaching children change accordingly. They are always ready to learn and imply new strategies for exceptional outcomes.
  • The teachers of Islamic studies are always accessible and ready to answer the queries presented by the kids.
  • We have male and female teachers on the platform keeping in mind your preference and comfort level.
  • The engagement teachers have with kids is remarkable, and they all know how to comprehend knowledge better to them.

Make Learning Effective and Interesting By Audio/Video Lessons

Video and audio lessons enhance the kids’ learning capabilities, and we utilized this in doing better for their Islamic studies learning.

To exclude the boring element while studying, the mentor also has different animations and audios so that the kids can concentrate better on Islamic study.

Audio/video lectures also proved to be helpful in the long-term memory of knowledge. Islamic Knowledge for kids is necessary, and we pay attention to every small detail about it.

Exceptional Lesson methodology By Experts

All the teachers bring lesson plans to provide an organized way of learning to all the curious minds. The lessons they provide are graspable for all the age of children.

All the topics taught to the kids are approved by supervisors and have all the necessary information and references. The teacher has fully prepared the lectures before delivering them to the kids.

The authorities keep discussions about the lesson plans and strategies in check to improve the learning outcomes

What Will Be The Benefits Of This Course?

Learning and gaining information about religion is the need of the hour, and one should not deny it. Kids in non-Muslim countries should know about their faith, its boundaries, and wisdom.

This course deeply gives particulars about the history of Islam, the Quran, and Hadith. The Islamic studies for kids should start from the fundamental knowledge of;

  • Introduction of Religion: We introduce to all the children what is Islam? It will assist them in gaining further knowledge.
  • What are the five pillars of Islam? Brief knowledge of all the five pillars of Islam is the basis of discovering more about it. We tell them what is ASH, SALAH, ZAKAH, SAWN, and HAJJ.
  • Knowledge about the six pillars of Iman: With this introduction, students will learn many things about Islam and faith. It is necessary for making them good and practicing Muslims.
  • Four Caliphs Of Islam
  • Angels of Islam
  • Prophet Muhammad SAWW
  • Important Surahs Of the Quran
  • Family Of the Prophet
  • Prophet Muhammad SAWW Companions
  • Islamic History and Ghazwas (Wars)
  • Azkar and Duas for everyday life
  • Islamic manners and behaviors
  • Wisdom from the Prophet’s life

Innovational Study Strategies For Islamic studies for kids

To make Islamic studies creative, interactive, and healthy, we improvise a lot of new strategies for every session.  
Our tutors make sure that all the children are well aware of all aspects of Islam, and they are eager to learn more about it. 
To engage the students in the topic of study, Quran Teaching Center plan to; 
  • Show visual content to kids
  • Gain the kid’s attention by calling their names
  • Ask them questions
  • Recall what we have taught them
  • Telling the stories
  • Quotes examples where needed
  • Taught them in hints

Encouraging Environment For Better Comprehension

We believe in the motto that every kid can learn with some focus and hard work. For this, all of our tutors push the students to do better and get better at learning. 
We arrange many workshops for the teachers to be up-to-date about the latest study techniques for children. 
All the teachers are obliged to maintain a friendly yet learning environment for the Islamic studies of kids.

Rewards, Gifts, And Certificates

Well, Kids always love doing things for rewards and gifts. We encourage this by giving awards and contributions to students keen to learn Islamic studies. 
That is our way of encouraging all students to learn effectively and passionately. After completing courses, Quran Teaching Center provides certificates to all the enrolled students. 

Learn better with Your Age-fellows

Age-related studies have better outcomes and create a friendly environment in the class. We have introduced multiple-level courses for your kids by keeping that in mind. 
Our experts designed these courses keeping in mind the intellectual level at every age. 
The curriculum we are using for this purpose is one of the most accurate courses of Islamic studies for kids. 

Activities, Tests, And Quizzes For Islamic Studies For Kids

Learning could only be enjoyable by friendly quizzes and competitions. We had focused on that and initiated many rounds for all the kids in the class. These activities include daily tasks, weekly quizzes, and monthly contests. 
Our activities are of several types, which enhances the visual learning of the students as well. Colouring, matching, tracing, meanings, and many more are on the list.
The top students in these activities are honored with gifts and prizes to encourage all the kids to do better at eating Islamic studies. 

Multiple Competitions Online 

Competitions are an excellent way to take the kids’ attention, and we are experts on this. The competitions we held helped us better understand the kid’s knowledge level and check their learning record. 
The competitions also help kids to be motivated and keep their morale high. 
We also create feedback reports for every kid enrolled in the course for the parents. These competitions keep the kid learning record on the track.

Innovative Techniques For Toddlers 

Toddlers need more attention and easy learning techniques, and we got you covered for this. We are proud to announce one-on-one classes for kids. This process will help them in learning with full attention. 
Our tutors are trained to manage and handle toddlers and teach them at their learning capabilities. Also, this helps our tutors to provide your child with an exceptional experience. 

Say Good-bye To Old Techniques

Learning is best when you introduce new and innovative techniques. We kept that in mind and planned everything latest to the study strategies. 
As technology advances, we also introduce modern strategies for learning. We discard our old techniques and teach new and modernized techniques for the kids. 
Because of this, we are the most trusted platform for innovative and creative learning of Islamic studies for kids.  

Class Study For Better Comprehension

Based on multiple factors, we have many groups for study. You can enroll your kid in any group relative to your interest. The groups are also available related to age, time zone, and language. 
The perks of these groups are better understanding and interaction among the students. For the benefit of parents, we have made these budget-friendly and accessible. 

Pocket-Friendy Lessons For Kids Islamic Studies

You’re mistaken if you think we are too heavy on your pockets. Our Islamic studies for kids course is one of the most affordable ones available in the market. 
We aim to provide the best knowledge in affordable ranges so everyone can benefit from it. Moreover, kids from the same family can get huge discounts. 
To know more about the packages, look at our price list. 

Learning better With Stories And Cartoons

We know that we can quickly get a kid’s interest through animations and videography. After the lecture, our tutor displays some cartoon and animation videography to comprehend the topic better. It also gives some lessons that will remain with the kids in the long run of life. 

Supervisor-Teacher Meeting For Kindergarten

Meetings have been held between the supervisor and staff to record the kids’ track records. This meeting provides a deep insight into the kids’ progress, punctuality, behavior, and learning capabilities. 
Parents are also informed about the daily progress of the kids. 
Online Islamic studies for kids offer a better focus on your child and make them fluent in Islamic studies. 

24/7 Services available

The problem with most online platforms is their fixed schedule, causing problems in managing these classes. 
To overcome this problem, we have made all our courses accessible 24/7. So, the time zone would not make any problem for kids learning Islamic studies.

What Will, Your Child, Learn From This Course? 

After the end of the Islamic studies for kids course, your kid will have deep insight into the religion and will be able to take part in Islamic competitions and discussions. 
  • Not only this, but it will also have many apparent results on your child;
  • Your kid will have a deep knowledge of Islam and its benefits. 
  • The right way to perform salah and obey the commands of ALLAH SWT.
  • Your child will be able to recall Islamic history.
  • The usefulness of Islam in everyday life. 
  • Good manners and behaviors according to Islam. 
  • Your kid will learn the qualities of compassion, love, honesty, and goodness.
  • Will learn to behave better in society.  
Will know the importance of love ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad SAWW.


It will be a great honor to teach your child Islamic values and history. Our main aim is to give our kids the ultimate knowledge of Islam most accessible. This way, we will shape his personality according to Islamic rituals. 
Quran Teaching Center provides highly qualified teachers, economic packages, multiple learning strategies, highly focused learning, and customized courses. These attributes are what inspired people to enroll their children with us. 

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